Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Work anytime, anywhere on any device with virtual desktop infrastructure

VDI delivers workforce transformation, by enabling users without compromising security or high-quality end user experience and streamlining IT resources and management. Dell is uniquely positioned to provide complete edge to core to cloud solutions from one vendor.

Why Use VDI Solution?

Boosting work efficiency in working environment

VDI offers a number of advantages, such as user mobility, ease of access, flexibility and greater security. In the past, its high-performance requirements made it costly and challenging to deploy on legacy systems, which posed a barrier for many businesses. However, the rise in enterprise adoption of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) offers a solution that provides scalability and high performance at a lower cost.

Features in Our VDI Solution

Enhance your user, data, app and endpoint security

VDI and thin client solutions enhances security by centrally storing IP, data and apps in the datacenter, and virus and malware resistant thin clients.

Deliver high performance user experiences

Our end-to-end solutions deliver extreme graphics in a reliable environment, reducing downtime and enabling anytime, anywhere digital workspaces.

Streamline IT resources and improve productivity

VDI and thin client solutions enhances IT resources can centrally manage images, apps, and endpoints. Wyse thin clients have long life-cycles and self-configure, simplifying by centrally storing IP, data and apps in the datacenter, and virus and malware resistant thin clients.

Edge to core to cloud VDI and Wyse thin client solutions

Deliver high performance virtual workforce experiences, while improving security and reducing TCO.

With deep expertise and end-to-end capabilities, Insight is here to help you prepare for what’s next. We’ll work to understand where you currently are and create a strategy that continues your digital evolution.


Choosing the right architecture

VDI is suitable for large hiecary to share the same centralized computing system with segregated resouces and storage space. RDS on the other hand is more geared towards small teams working to push the same objective.

Use Case of our VDI Solution

B&W Digit Investment Limited

Developer for high frequency financial infrastructure need access to intensive resource-based computing and all code should be stored securely on a centralized system even though developers may work on the go. We deployed a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for B&W Digit Investment Limited so that 10 developers can work on the same server at the same time even using their mobile phone.